Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Exchange 2013 missing emails from journal

We had an issue the other day when journaling failed for a period of time and we needed to retrieve those emails and add back into the journal mailbox. To do this, you can use the Exchange 2013 New-MailboxSearch cmdlet to retrieve the emails and copy into the journal mailbox. Use the below cmdlets to copy all emails from 09/07/2015 to present to a mailbox called journal:

Get-Mailbox | New-MailboxSearch -MessageTypes Email -TargetMailbox journal -StartDate 09/07/2015 -Name JournalExport
Get-MailboxSearch JournalExport | Start-MailboxSearch

The emails will be copied to a folder inside the export folder in the journal mailbox. You need to add this folder to the list of monitored folders that your archiving/journaling solution pulls emails from. 

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